Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Muji Must Haves - Pro Kit!

I recently purchased a coupe of bits for my make up kit, they are complete essentials for any professional Make up Artist. 
Some are very well know, purchased and loved and others you might not have thought about so here's my list to make your lives easier. 

Business Card Holder - Always have cards on you.

Foldaway Mirror - If your model needs to curl her lashes, get something out of her eye or if you're doing bridal hair.

Pen Pots - Sometimes there just isn't room for your brush roll, especially at shows. Use these to store clean brushes.

Spray Bottles - Have a large one with alcohol to clean brushes, remove glue, sanitise tweezers etc. Have a small one for water, to activate cake liners.

Squeezy Tubes - Great to decant MAC Face and Body into as they are much smaller.

Mesh Pouch - For any loose bits like, lash curlers, glue, tweezers, sharpener etc. Or you could use it for nail bits and bobs.

Pill Case - Decant lipsticks or concealers into to minimise bulk and weight in your kit bag. 

Slim Buds - Great for tidying up make up. 

Small LED Torch - Backstage can be dark, off set can sometimes be dark. Always make sure you can see what your doing.

Water Flask - If your buying a bottle of water everyday and binning the bottle, just get a flask. 

Small Umbrella - Have it in your kit all the time, incase you go out for some shots or you're on location, if not for you, for the model. 

Travel Toothbrush - If you end up working late, if you smoke, for after lunch, if you have a meeting after work, whatever - just have one in your bag.

Travel Pillow - For early starts, cab journeys and flights. 

Hope that's helpful for all Make up Artists reading, let me know if you have others!

Thank you Muji for stocking all these wonderful items.

Love Le Riche x

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