Thursday, 7 June 2012

New Favourite Mascara...

It's the Divine Lash from  la carte cosmetics 

Divine Lash - £22

Comes in a very nice looking silver tube with a reasonable small plastic tip.
Water resistant and buildable = perfect. 

It was a little too wet for my lashes at the very beginning, now this can be the best thing for some people and the worst for others. It all depends on your lashes, the thickness, the length, the curl, how you want them to look etc etc.

Now, I have quite long lashes with a good curl and if a mascara is very wet it gives me about 5 very black very long lashes with no thickness. They also print on my eye lid as they curl so much and because, again the mascara is very wet.

If you have less curl or thicker lashes you might love a mascara that does that.
Either way, this one started very wet but after a few days turned into the perfect consistency for me. 
Still lots of it and very black but just that bit thicker, it wears really well, once its dry it stays put and its actually lasted a lot longer than I though it would. 

Check them out online or visit the store in Knightsbridge!

(all images from their website)

Love Le Riche x

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