Thursday, 2 August 2012

I'm thinking of holidays...

When I go away I love to have great skincare products with me, especially if the climate is different. It's the perfect time for treats like masks, boosters and serums. I usually decant my standard sized products into lots of mini travel pots to save on space and weight. 

Recently, I discovered this! 

Full of advanced skin care ingredients like marine collagen, red algae extract, papaya, soy bean extract etc they give really great results.

Inside are 10 little 2ml airtight bottles, ready to use all lined up in order - 
Purifying Cleanser
Toning Lotion
Clay Mask
Treatment Serum
Hydrating Mask
Hydrating Booster
Lip Exfoliator
Lip Moisturiser
Eye Treatment
Moisture Seal Cream

It contains a booklet to inform you of all ingredients and benefits along with an application guide.

The Spa Facial formula's do not contain artificial perfumes or colourants and they are 
all scented with natural essential oils of jojoba olive avocado and sweet almond.

I absolutely love it, it's a whole facial in a packet that fits perfectly in your toiletry bag, great fun.
Of course you can purchase every single one as a full size bottle but these little fellas cost about £12 and are perfect for travel!

Love Le Riche x

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